Nelson Ledges

Motorcycle Event July 22 an 23

We will be hosting our first open motorcycle event July 22 and 23 with LEAN Trackdays. The event will be limited in the number of riders, please sign up ASAP at  

Update June 8

Good Evening, As many people have heard, Nelson Ledges Road Course has officially been repaved. We would like to thank our friends and customers for the ongoing support for the last year. We will continue to make progress in cleaning and updating the facility. Ganar Driving Experience will be the first group out on the track […]

Update April 18 & Thank You

There are a few spots left for this weekend’s event! Please sign up ASAP to reserve a spot. The new pavement has been laid down and will be finished this evening. The weather for this weekend looks good for mid April. Saturday will be in the mid 50’s with slight chance of rain. Sunday will be a […]

Baby Addison

Baby Addison

Ashely, a long time cornerworker at Nelson Ledges, gave birth to the track’s newest addition, Addison. Congratulations Ashley, Tony, Grandmother Rhonda and Fred.

Update 3/27/17

  Update 3/27/17 We have taken the siding off the bridge. On the pavement, multiple sections have started being ground out. The old restroom in the center has been taken down. The restroom closest to station two will be taken down soon. Working on the drainage issues. Corner station two flipped over during a windstorm and is […]

Looking for Instructors for Events

Nelson Ledges Road Course and GANAR Driving Experience welcome experienced drivers who share our passion for fun events and safety to become Instructors. You get great benefits such as discounted track entrance fee, your own run group, track time during other run groups, and the opportunity to help Novice and other drivers gain experience at the track. Minimum requirements to become an Instructor:       Minimum Five (5) years of experience […]